Company headquarters is located in the Xi'an hi tech Industrial Development Zone, in Shenzhen and other places with offices. Is an integrated circuit research and development, production, application, promotion for the leading industry enterprises. The company has been uphold: integrity, enterprising, dedication to the concept and work, real life principle. For many years, the company has been working hard, thoughtful, and quickly work style has been a large number of user recognition and peer praise, so that the company's performance continued, stable growth, so that the company in the growing competition.

The company has an advanced packaging production line, high precision and high reliability of production and testing equipment for the quality of the product system has a strict monitoring capabilities. The company's products are mainly high precision amplifier, high speed interface circuit, LDO power management chip based, but also according to different user needs to develop and produce.

R & D team has a wealth of experience in chip design, technical staff with deep integration of the professional experience and rich experience. Since its establishment, the company has established a strategic partnership with key enterprises in the domestic industry, which has been developed and produced a variety of integrated circuits, and some products have reached the domestic leading level, and can be comparable to imported products, and has won wide recognition and praise.

Company has always uphold the integrity and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, harmonious and win-win concept, to fully play its own R & D management advantages, to achieve common growth and sustainable development of the company as the focus of the company's development, and actively build a customer centered organizational structure, and create a continued value of customer management system, and constantly optimize service quality and meet customer needs. Sincerely hope to establish cooperative relations with friends from all walks of life, in the semiconductor integrated circuit for domestic and foreign customers to provide product design, production, sales, testing, screening, packaging, technical advice and other services.

In the future development, the company will continue to strengthen management and control efforts to achieve strategic cooperation between various industries, resource sharing and complementary advantages, consolidate the foundation, pragmatic and enterprising, with their own ingenuity for the Chinese IC industry development layout add a touch of brilliant colors, to create a century of silicon and efforts!